Herbalife is a great opportunity ,to get the body you want and also you can make a income,  Have you got what it takes ????

The different herbalife programmes i have a programme for you

Interested in joining the business ?

Herballife is the worlds number 1 nutrition company , it is world wide in 88 different countries. it is becoming massive in the UK right now. which was one of the reasons for me joining.it supplies top range sport nutrition, all the best atheltes from football to boxing take our products. it is also famously known for great body transformation. so it has a Massive market, from your everyday mums who are trying to lose weight , to your professional athletes and everyone inbetween.  

Soon as you sign up you get 25% off the herbal life products, and you will recieve  4 books to guide you through Herbalife Business and getting started. Also 1 x tub of Shake, 1 x tub of Thermo Tea, 1 x tub of Mulit Vits, 1 x tub of Fibre & Herb Tablets. 25% of straight away means if you was to start selling to clients or friends and family you would make make profits straight away . and you can can eaily sell 4 or 5 programs a week. Herbal life also runs on a volume point chart. so every product you purchase  you receive points , Not only that if you was to sign someone up to your business when they recieve points they will duplicate to your account. so you can add both sets of points up.  the points is what  gets you your royalties and commissions also you promotions so you can get up to a massive 50 % off. so you can just imagine how easy the points could add up if you bring 2 people into the business in the first month and the people you sign up brings in one person each. your be getting all those points.

a 500 points works out to be around £325 , which is just 3 weight management programs  that would be easy to sell 6 of those in a month. especially with my support. i will help you with your marketing by building up your following on twitter and other social media sites.  all you need is

Have a look through the full product range (- this is our template online shop) www.lucybendall.com

 500 points in a month to get promoted to senior consultant

4000 points in a month or 2500 in 2 months will get you promoted to supervisor then your get
50% off products
25% of wholesale profit
then you can earn royalties

you can keep getting promoted up the ranks , there is no stopping on how much you could earn

if i didnt think this was a great opportunity  i wouldn't sign up to it. my sponsor gets over £6000 a month from just being a year into the business. So its how motivated you can be.


please take a few moments to watch this presentation as it will give you all of the corporate facts & our marketing plan. www.online-presentation.biz


  • be your own boss
  • online training system to help you with everything
  • Coaching and mentoring to make your business a success
  • flexible work at your own pace
  • i will get your twitter following in the 1000's
  • you get 25% discount once registered , building up to 50% discount
  • 24 hour support - via facebook, skype and phone calls - me personally also a facebook group with 100's of fellow distributors
  • fast promotions

Have a look through the full product range (- this is our template online shop) www.lucybendall.com 

Just to recap this is a superb opportunity to attach on to any business, it will you that extra pillar so you can offer the complete service to your clients, members, friends and family. You can run this business successfully with support from myself, and mentors with 5 - 8 hours per week, we will train you with our online training site and we have a fantastic support group on Facebook. I think this would really work well with what your  already doing. 

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, looking forward to speaking with you in a couple of days?